Firewing – Il nuovo video “Time Machine”

Il gruppo symphonic metal statunitense Firewing pubblicherà l’album di debutto, “Resurrection”, il 23 aprile 2021 tramite Massacre Records.

Disponibile il nuovo video della band “Time Machine”.

1. Prelude: Moonlight Of Despair
2. Obscure Minds
3. Chapter I: Acheron’s Ritual
4. Demons Of Society
5. Far in Time
6. Chapter II: Temple Of Helios
7. Resurrection
8. Time Machine
9. Chapter III: Transcending Souls
10. Eternity
11. Tales Of Ember & Vishap: How Deep Is Your Heart?
12. Tales Of Ember & Vishap: The Meaning Of Life
13. The Essence Of Your Heart
14. Epilogue: Sacred Journey